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Through personal experience/experiments throughout the year, here is what we found out that:
  • The miracle mud release 70 + mineral essential elements to stabilize your pond water chemistry;
  • Can use container with perforated holes (email to you separately)
  • With the thickness of Miracle mud 1" - 1.5" it become a denitrator filter, ie. fixing nitrate into nitrogen and oxygen gases;
  • Healthy fish and very low maintenance when your pond run by this filtration system lead to more time for you to enjoy your hobby is priceless!

Use any tray container that has tight lid to prevent koi disturbing the mud. Drill holes as seen and put about 1-1.5" layer of Miracle Mud 3 in it. Place this tray in your pond or filter box. This MM3 will release all mineral essential elements into your pond to stabilize your pond water chemistry. This tray also become a denitrator filter. What you will notice within a week is your koi colors!